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    GLobal distributor of cloud predictive security
  • We are global distributor of predictive cloud security products for the retail, industrial and computer service markets
  • Global Security Provider

Welcome to CyInt Ltd!

CyInt Ltd., established in 2018, is a well known predictive security analytic company. With previous experience in security technology and research, CyInt Ltd.. is the market leader in serving high quality products worldwide. CyInt pride itself on being capable of accommodating and adapting to the ever changing needs of its customers. However, we are committed to expand our predictive pattern and tentacles to other areas through partnership with local vendors.

Our Products

We source unique and high quality security products from reliable supplyer.

Customer Safety

We deliver safe, cost effective, high quality products that protect consumer’s well-being and our customer's integrity.

Global Security Provider
As a Global Security Provider, we deliver a diverse range of high-quality products and value added opportunities, from seed to shelf.

Product Development
We have an ongoing investment in innovation and product development, and are committed to understanding markets and finding new and better ways for our customers to succeed.

Social Responsibility
Leaders in Social Responsibility, we are rooted in the communities where we work and dedicated to the reciprocal success of everyone we touch.

Our Products


Predictive Online Phishing Identification


Future Product


Predictive Threat Intelligence


Company Social Security Exposure

Why Chose Us?

  • (732) 849-0354
    CyInt Ltd., we combine market knowledge, consumer insights and customer needs to create new product opportunities. Based on our technical capabilities, we work closely with our manufacturers to fine tune and tailor trend towards product that align with our customer's growth strategies. Not only do we distribute the products themselves, but we also provide the insights that allow our customers to tell the stories behind them. We source, negotiate and distribute to markets all over the globe. In a bid to create the largest and most diverse distribution base in our industry, we hope to expand the world markets. As a cloud technology provider, we are able to provide supply solutions to the retail, industrial and service markets in timly maner.  Moreso, our unique technologie give us access to products not readily available in other regions. Use of our services lowers risk and ensures reliable delivery regardless of security threats.
  • Our market
    We combine deep market knowledge with research-based consumer insights to develop new products, working closely with our customers, we find new opportunities in product presentation, seasoned items.
  • Quality & Customer Safety
    Our Quality Assurance and Customer Safety program is a continuously evolving prevention-based combination of product standards, expert personnel, stringent evaluation programs, and traceable, organized communication throughout the all proccesses. Learn more about our progressive quality and Customer safety initiatives.
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    Sustainability is good business. We focus on prompt delivery, reusing resources for efficient transport system. Sustainability saves marketing and operation costs while enhancing the opportunity for the future generations.

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